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Large corporations are buying up private veterinarian clinics/practices and of course raising prices. Thrive Pet Care bought out Lien Animal Clinic here in Seattle and prices have gone up quite a bit. I still go there, but that could change eventually

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Yep, tell me about it, my rat´s a$$ is totally broke, oky woky, woky broky!

Hi, here a skinny savage from the Unholy Trinity, as the SOB John Bolton describes us, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela. Scraping by in the Nicaraguan wildernress the big corporations want to wipe out!






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Thanks for signing up, Joan. I appreciate it! And I'll keep you in mind for collaborating in the future. Right now I'm putting together a post on "why I think term limits are a bad idea", and it's going verrry slooowly. We'll see how quickly I can get it done and move on to another issue.

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You're doing important work here, Joan. Thanks.

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I had Jane’s book, too, Joan ;)

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